Makito Promotional Products is the leading Company in the section of Promocional Gifts in the Spanish market, the biggest growing market in Europe, and one of the 10 companies in the global market.

Makito promotional products


MAKITO, focused on our CLIENT

We work hard to serve the best to all our CLIENTS, we understand the quality of a company is, in fact, that of its CLIENTS.

The constant and consistent growing of our company is based on the permanent improvement of our products and services, with a total focus on the CLIENT, the center of our activity.

In Makito, our CLIENTS are the main motivation to detect and satisfy the necessities and priorities of the market.

Our Team

Makito is an organization of PEOPLE

Effort, deddication, commitment, proximity and determination are our VALUES for our CLIENTS to let them success.

We do our best to do it right, and to do good. We are a young, dynamic and prepared TEAM that shares the enthusiasm for the VALUES of the company.

More than 800 professionals, located in twenty countries on three contitents, dedicated to ensuring that our CLIENTS have the best products, services and market prices..

Our resources

Objective: Zero Problems

We want to offer our service, with the biggest added value to our CLIENTS.

In Makito, we understand that company proffits must be reinvested in order to improve the services offer our CLIENTS. This is why, year after year, we have transformed our structure, instalations, machinery, information systems and communicatios, to optimize our services. We want that in your relationship with Makito there will be ZERO PROBLEMS.

In order to offer a premium service, MAKITO has a wide and prepared structure, the largest in Europe, composed by:

  • Order preparation area of 12.000 m2 with 15.000 picking points.
  • 70.000 m2 of logistic facilities, with capacity for more than 85.000 pallets.
  • Integrated Radio Frequency Warehouse Management System, with real time data of all the goods stored. Specialized equipment for all types of customization: Pad Printing, Screen Printing, Sublimation, Laser Engraving, Digital, Epoxy, Thermograving, Embroidery and Silk Screen Printing.
Our services

No one else gives you  more

We cover all the needs of our CLIENTS, with the best customer service and the highest ADDED VALUE.

Logistic services

  • Europe's largest stock, centralized in one location available for immediate delivery..
  • Preparation of orders without printing in less than 5h.
  • Printing of all the products in our installations, with more than 5000 m2 of area, 25 years of experience in printing, and capacity to produce more than 1 million pieces per day.
  • Personalized Handling and Packaging, offering an almost infinite variety of packaging options and presentation of our products.

Commercial Services

  • With presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Eindhoven with 24h service of samples and local commercial atenttion.
  • Asiaexpress, special import service (bespoke).
  • Advanced eTools.
  • The best IT tools to let you market our products and services.

Web services

  • Integration with the main ecommerce platforms.
  • Donwload of audiovisual resources, including 360º video for all the products; photo library in high, medium and low resolution, promotional videos, etc.
  • QR code for our products, allowing to access -from almost any device-, to all the information of the biggest collection of promotional gifts in the european market.



Our promotionals products are guaranteed by all certificates.
In Makito we want our clients to trust in our company, in our products.

We work day by day to deliver QUALITY and SECURITY in compliance with the highests industrial standards during all the productive and commercial path, by the use of materials and manufacturing techniques environment-friendly, and attaching all the necessary documentation for the transportation and delivery of our promotionals products in the best conditions.

We provide our customers with all the SECURITY and RESPONSIBILITY CERTIFICATES that guarantee that our promotional products meet all the guidelines and normative regarding security and environment.

Makito works with independent authorized companies that certify the quality of our products and services.