Quality Policy

As a goal development of MAKITO, the management would like to express formally with this statement, quality policy established for this company. The activity of Makito, wholesale distribution of articles and advertising claim promotional gift, falls into a dynamic and globalized environment in which as excellent service and management is required for competitiveness, survival and progress.

  • The professional and personalized attention to the suggestions, complaints and concerns of clients will allow us to anticipate and respond to their ongoing needs and expectations.
  • To analyze the degree of customer satisfaction to incorporate the best timely improvements.
  • Giving all phases of our process and establish proactive actions needed to prevent nonconformities, watching the results that are consistent with the objectives set.
  • Commit ourselves to meet the requirements of our legal and regulatory activity, as well as respect agreements with our customers.
  • Involving all members of the organization for the development of its functions to achieve continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality system. To that end, the company is committed to ensuring the dissemination and understanding of the Quality Policy.
  • Giving the organization the resources necessary to accomplish the goal of continuous improvement.